UHN Trainee Podcast: Seeds of Science

Episode 4: Dr. Leif Simmatis

December 01, 2022 UHN Office of Research Trainees Season 1 Episode 4
UHN Trainee Podcast: Seeds of Science
Episode 4: Dr. Leif Simmatis
Show Notes

In this episode, Rima chats with Dr. Leif Simmatis, a post-doctoral fellow in the labs of Dr. Yana Yunusova and Dr. Babak Taati at KITE, the research arm of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute at UHN. 

The episode follows Leif's scientific journey where his experiences from undergraduate to PhD and post-doctoral stages helped guide him into choosing between academia, medicine and industry career paths. Leif dives into his interesting published research from his PhD studies on upper limb robotics technology that can characterize impairments in various clinical populations, from transient ischemic attacks to multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or migraines. His current research focuses on developing digital speech biomarkers for neurological disorders, to support clinical decision-making and he hopes to stay in research but transition into industry in the digital health space. Tune in to hear more about his work, the inspirational individuals that have been part of his journey, and what eventually led him to choose this career path.

Abbreviations used in this episode:

KITE - Knowledge Innovation Talent Everywhere - it is the research arm of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, a world leader in rehabilitation science. KITE’s areas of focus include prevention, restoration, enhanced participation and independent living. 

ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

EMG – electromyography

TIA – transient ischemic attack

MCAT – Medical College Admission Test

PI – Principal Investigator

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